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“I'm Afifa, from Somalia. I'm in the faculty of economics and administrative science at TED University, specifically in the department of political science and international relations. One of the best choices I ever made was to enroll in TED University. And I'm incredibly proud to be attending TED University. First and foremost, I chose TED because it is an English-taught university with a large number of international students. But after enrolling at TED University, I discovered numerous reasons to continue studying there. It is a good setting with helpful and respectful individuals, decent services, no prejudice, and many other things. I will never forget the TED people. Additionally, a lot of individuals switch departments once they start, but I didn't, and now that I'm in my third year of college, I'm happy because this department matched my expectations. My aim in attending the PSIR department was to learn more about how the political system operates, how politics affects society, and what factors influence how politicians behave. Thank God, I've since discovered further things. I am aware of my position within the global spectrum as Afifa. I can now make reference to my deeds and thoughts. I have developed my ability to think critically and see things from different perspectives. My actions and thoughts now seem to have reason and definition for me.”

Afifa PSIR

"I chose political science and international relations as my major at TED University because of the interesting and immersing topics covered, and the ability of TED PSIR department professors to deliver knowledge in an engaging way that makes every student in the department sense that they are part of a goal bigger than the department or even the university. Through this program, I have grown not only as a student of social sciences but also as a person making my way through life. My education at TED university and especially at the PSIR department have given me many tools that allow me, and will continue to allow me to build my competences for my future career plans."

Hajar Foundi PSIR

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