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Barışa Giden Yollar XI: Engelsiz Barış

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Konum:  Çok Amaçlı Salon



This event was open for the public. After the event, many students from TEDU did internship at the "Barrier Free and Happy Life Association" which led to positive and long term effects.

Within the scope of this event, TEDU hosted a guest with Down’s syndrome who established a company. His experiences showed our audience that individuals with disabilities can lead a successful and equal life full of satisfactory achievements. Thus, with appropriate policies and initiations, equal opportunities for disabled persons can be provided and guarantied.

During the event, TEDU supplied guest speakers and participants with disabled friendly physical conditions. The theme and such conditions served to the aim of equal and inclusive society and university. In this sense this event should be seen as a contribution to the SDG10 which deals with the reduced inequalities.

The open and inclusive character of the event should also be assessed as the evidence of “quality education”-SDG4- and life long learning opportunities for everyone-SDG4.3.