About Us

The curricula of all programs at the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences (FEASS) aim to achieve a strong base in the major areas, augmented by multi-disciplinary common core and minor requirements. The students who are admitted to the “Economics and Administrative Sciences” program first complete strong multi-disciplinary common core courses from diverse areas, such as mathematics, humanities, arts and literature. Afterward, they can choose freely from three degree programs: Business Administration, Economics and Political Science and International Relations.

The students admitted to the Psychology Department start their degree programs right from the first year, but they also go through the multi-disciplinary common core courses before starting their major in psychology.

The medium of instruction in all degree programs at FEASS is English.

In line with the pedagogical goals of TED University, all programs incorporate interactive learning methods into their educational strategy. The employment of active learning techniques will bring about a significant shift in the learning process through enhanced student participation.

You are cordially invited to explore the details of programs in Business Administration, Economics, Political Science and International Relations, and Psychology at TED University. If you have any questions, please inquire from the FEASS by just sending an e-mail to feass@tedu.edu.tr or call +90 (312) 585 0047.